Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Party's over

Not really, but it was strange to wake up yesterday morning to an entire empty row of RV sites where the night before 26 rigs had been.

After my Canyon Rim ride to see the Colorado Monument I had to make a difficult decision.  Would I travel to the next site which reportedly had some difficult roads or would I choose safe and drive highway 70 to arrive in Breckenridge two days early and meet backup with the caravan there.

I chose Breckenridge but I still have mixed feelings.  The photos of the next destination were breathtaking and there would be dry camping backed directly up to a reservoir.  A beautiful spot for sure.  A catered dinner over looking the resevoir with the camaraderie of being with other air streamers.....choosing to miss it was hard.

I have a tattoo which says 'Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone' and I try to live that way, so I felt a little disappointed in myself.  But then, the edge is relative.  I knew when I signed up I would be challenged and I'm glad I'm here and while terrified I am glad I experienced the monoliths of the  Colorado Monument from above and enjoyed a wonderful meal and a spectacular setting.  I just chose not to challenge myself two days in a row.  I'm ok with that.

The ride to Breckenridge was also full of stunning scenery.  Also wonder of wonders I decided to try knitting while riding.  I get car sick...a 20 second glance at a map can render me nauseous for a long time.  Beading is definitely out, but while in Grand Junction I came across a great yarn store and bought a soft alpaca yarn and cast on a mindless cowl.  The key is I can knit without looking so I was able to knit 3 or 4 inches of cowl on yesterdays trip and still see the scenery and best yet, not get car sick.

Photos begin in Grand Junction and go on to include some of yesterdays scenery on highway 70 between Grand Junction and Breckenridge which is mostly due East across the state.

Downtown Grand Junction has an art series, with a different sculpture on each street corner.  They were fun to explore and here i give you two of my favorite.  San Diego used to have a similar program called Urban Trees along the waterfront but they haven't done it for a few years now and I miss it.

I especially loved this whimsical steam punky rocket ship (?)

So I stated in the fist Rocky Mountain caravan blog that I was aiming for a pair of earrings completed at each stop and after a couple of disappointing design attempts I was falling short of the goal.  I decided to try to step it up again and I now have three pair.

This pair can almost be counted as two since a simple flip on the earlier and the can be worn on the reverse side.  These are all in the 'fancy' vein as they are being designed for a series called 'Going Formal' which I will teach on a cruise ship.  

Finally as promised scenery from yesterdays ride.  

The color of the aspens is so vibrant.  Having grown up in Massachusetts I miss fall foliage season but the views here promise to provide a visual treat.

 The Tiger Run RV resort between Frisco and Breckenridge is beautiful.  Large large cement lots bounded by trees for privacy and lots of places to walk to.  Today we are going to explore Vail as I've never been, and tomorrow we'll try for being a bit more athletic and outdoorsy.  Tomorrow night we look forward to the rest of the caravan arriving.

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