Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The interior

As we continue to prepare for our first long outing, I continue to fine tune what we'll take and how to keep things really simple.

Yesterday I described the benefit of the twin bed option we chose, so here you have a photo.  I love the way the eye travels the entire length of the trailer.  The rug is a new one that can be picked up to shake out.  Rugs we've learned are a magnet for campground dirt and really mostly in the way, but I do appreciate having one when I step out of the shower, so this one will likely be rolled up in the shower until it's needed.  The only other one that truly makes sense is a doormat size just inside the door to wipe feet.   I'm trying to initiate a no shoe zone once in the airstream but am being met with resistance.

These hooks are handy for the dog leash, dog bags, keys and….a hotel room key?  The gaskets on the windows tend to stick when they've been closed awhile.  Mark has treated them, but  they do still stick occasionally.  The best tool (I've been informed a knife is not an appropriate tool) is a credit card or hotel room key.  I found a generic, no advertising hotel room key and punched a hole in it so it will always be handy and we won't need to find purses or wallets to open a window.  Sometimes it's the little things.

 A little decorative Washi tape, an idea I adopted from one of my favorite airstream blog reads, just 5 more minutes.  

Three more days!  Food has been cooked and frozen, things that require packing are being staged in the dining room, important papers are being collected and organized and the excitement is building.

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