Friday, September 11, 2015

Madison Wyoming in Yellowstone

I left you after Fillmore where we stayed in a nice park that was mainly for off road vehicles and every RV had 1 or 3 and the park was filled with 6 year olds driving these ATV's.  But despite that we parked next to another couple who we enjoyed spending time with, lots of similarities!

Day three had us driving through Utah and spending the night in Pocatello.  The 'campground' was lets just say rustic with 12 spots, but we did pull up along side a river and with only 3 other RV's it was a quiet night.  The temperatures were heading downward but we stayed nice and warm in cozy in our airstream.

Day four is where the excitement was due to start as we finally joined up with the caravan.  We had a leisurely drive through pretty country and entered Yellowstone through the West gate, traveling 11 more miles to Madison campground.

This was our first venture into dry camping and we did fairly well, watching our water tanks, and charging our battery as needed.  We were not expecting internet and cell service to be virtually non existent but it was a fine thing.  The natural beauty was awe inspiring and we spent the day meeting up with 52 other caravaners.

Everyone made us feel incredibly welcome and were happy to share knowledge and make us feel comfortable as first time caravaners.  Many have done more than ten caravans and several of the group also lead caravans.

On day two of Madison we drove to Mammoth to listen to Jim Halfpenny speak on the carnivores of Yellowstone.  Wolves were his particular speciality and I was surprised to learn that the lifespan of a wolf who makes it past 6 months is still only about 4 years.

He also talked about one of the great animals that are impossible to miss.  Often they come right up to the road and you must proceed cautiously.  This group was on our way out of the park.  I liked the geyser backdrop.

We followed up Mammoth with a visit to Old Faithful as I might have been embarrassed to have been in the park and had to say I hadn't seen it.  I must say it was spectacular.  I have a 2 minute video but no still.  It was definitely worth seeing.

I took advantage of a 'trailer day' as I'm informed the lingo is.  I skipped a planned outing that Mark went on, and I sat in the trees, gentle breeze surrounding me, peacefully quiet and very pretty and I beaded all day.  What a treat!  this was the result of my 'trailer day'

This is our official caravan photo!   This group does things right with a notebook which contains a photo of each couple along with a myriad of information about each days activities.

We'll be in Jackson now for 4 days and start out with a group dinner this evening at a nearby restaurant.  Tomorrow is a float trip which sounds refreshing (it's hot here....the day started at 29 degrees and is now 78)  Then we'll be free to explore and it looks the like kind of town I'd like exploring in.


  1. Excellent! What a great adventure! You and Mark look happy!

  2. Adorable pic!! I love that you're each wearing something that says something about you, and you look very relaxed.