Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Santa Cruz and Baby Watch

When we heard we would be grandparents for the fourth time in mid August we decided that we would spend two weeks on either side of the due date.  We also decided that we would try a new campground.  There are not a lot of choices near Santa Cruz.  One a beautiful beach state park is only available six months in advance and generally sells out immediately as the date that was out.

There is the harbor where we've stayed before and it does have great beach access, but it's a parking lot.  Granted a parking lot with a view of boats, electric, water and sewer but no other amenities.  Given my husband's packrat nature, he had a key to the restrooms from when we moored a boat there 14 or so years still worked.  This time we decided not to go with a parking lot though.

A KOA in Watsonville seemed at first glance to be worth exploring and we booked it for the two weeks.  Arriving on Sunday night I was not enamored of the aesthetic, and while kid friendly, which was good for my grand children was also kind of frenetic with bike riding and enthusiastic mid schoolers everywhere.  I didn't want to be the naysayer so I quietly settled in and then, no internet access, no cell service at all.  Remember that we were waiting on a grand baby, no cell service was just not going to work.  The front office was less than empathetic and we decided it was not going to be a fit.  When we woke up in the morning, already having made the decision, we were in fog so thick as to be almost rain, and really damp and grey.

We went off in search of cell service to a starbucks a few miles away and made calls to a few that we had looked up.  First one to answer was RV redwood park where we've stayed before....yes they could accommodate us!  Yay....we would have to move within park a couple of times but they got creative and found us space.  We pulled into to brilliant sunshine and the cool shade of the redwoods.  Heaven.

Just in time....we got moved Monday morning and Monday evening we got THE text, baby Isabella was on her way.  Off we went, arriving at 4:00 a.m. and waiting through the hours until she arrived!

Here is our new spot in the redwoods.

Here's my rocket surgeon

and baby Isabella with her sister Sam our first grandchild!

This is where I spent the day beading.....

I think in the future this will be our Santa Cruz park of choice!

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