Monday, April 6, 2015

It's here!

Yesterday we picked up  our new 25 foot Flying Cloud and we love it!  I fretted( because that's what I do), that the extra width was going to be hard to see around.  With a little airstream forum research, we bought the perfect extension mirror and installed them and now we see better, meaning further straight back then we did with the narrower 22 foot.

So I fretted for nothing, but I wasn't done, because next up I was pretty sure it just wasn't going to go down the long narrow driveway with a ten foot retaining wall on one side….but it did.  The bottom bit was challenging and took a lot of pulling forward, and inching backwards to get it positioned correctly, but we did it!  Well Mark did it, but I did the navigator thing with hands held wide and narrowing down as he got closer.  I 'm getting pretty good at that part of the job.

I had planned for champagne and a light easy dinner so we could enjoy the time in the new airstream.   While I set a nice table and fluffed and arranged toss pillows, Mark got out the drill to see if he could indeed lower the stabilizer with a socket and drill.  He can…..although I think it will annoy the neighbors and is not really of that much value, a few cranks and it can be done silently.  The 22ft hid the stabilizer crank shaft way underneath and it was a nuisance.  These are in plain sight, easy to reach, and I guess even easier with a drill!

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