Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ridgefield to Las Vegas

The reverse trip through todays scenery was as magical as the first time through. I continue to be amazed by scenery unlike any I'm familiar with and I thought I was reasonably well traveled, but I haven't done a lot of road trips in these parts.  I've driven cross country twice and I've been to  Colorado and  Wyoming before but I've never passed through the canyons near Zion and Bryce.

Last night I looked to see if we might make more mileage today but there are woefully few places to stay 1 to 2 hours south of Las Vegas and in 98 degree heat camping without electricity seemed ill advised.  So Las Vegas was our goal and we arrived at 1:00 which was really 12:00 as we gained back an hour.  It's hard to be so close to home but carrying on would have put us going through LA and arriving in San Diego during rush hour so we opted to stay at the Oasis.  We'll head out early tomorrow morning and insure a mid afternoon arrival.

Here are a few of todays shots.  My camera was seemingly acting weird, throwing up a busy icon after every photo.  It turns out that some of my best shots were interspersed with a video that was accidentally in process.  If I can sort out how to edit the video and capture some of the stills I'll be pleased with some great photos, but until then......

It's been a great trip but it's time for a little home time.  My other life beckons.  I have some work to do for my March Bead Retreat and I'm volunteering to be a witness for Kellie DeFries, the crystal ninja who is going for a guinness book of world records for a car with the most crystals on it and of course visiting with my friends, some knitting and I think the studio could use a good deep cleaning.  I'll FaceTime with grand babies, get my hair done, welcome a friend in my home and attend a bead retreat.  Then it will be time to head out again for our beach adventure.  By then I'll be ready to be back in the airstream!

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